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Zera Coffee Company dates with my best friend are sublime.

Coffee in her hand, hot tea in mine, we sit on the couch and read poems aloud.

She spots a poem and tells me to read…



Song For Friendship

I love you, O friend, because you have given my heart a new song —

When I was discouraged, a fresh impulse to try again.

When doubtful, a new vision of truth and victorious faith.

When lonely, you invited guests — the great souls,

And made fragrant, immortal friendships.

I love you, O friend, because you have opened my eyes to enduring values;

Awakened my giant self — my divine self within me.

Because, in the garden of my thoughts,

You often have uprooted a thistle

And planted in its place a hyacinth.

I love you, O friend, because you have inspired in me

The flaming, unquenchable desire

To rise and walk out to meet Truth and Beauty

Fearless and unencumbered.

Charlotte Conkright Kinney

A and N 5


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