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Spring Break 2014 was basically me cuddling with my pillow, drugged up on pain medication and steroids, eating smoothies, soup, and oatmeal. Here’s this for kicks and giggles.


Thankfully, prior to my wisdom teeth being removed, one of my dear friends and I took a few days and roadtripped it up to Monroe, Louisiana. Below are some photographs that sum up our time across the state border. God, dreams, passions, quirks, and flat out silliness describes our time well. God is good y’all.

Ready to go! Let’s do this thanggg!

Let’s face it, our cameras are our sidekicks.

Everywhere we go we look like tourists.

Yep, we’re THOSE people.


Lemurs 1

 Being my cheesy self and all.

Naomi 1

Hannah 3

Hannah 7

I always love walking around downtown.


Naomi 2



I see a bug statue. Naturally, I imitate it.

DSC_1026Sign 1Hannah 4DSC_1066Hannah 5

We tried frog legs! Well, Hannah ordered them, and I took a small bite.  = )




This is what I called my tree fortress.

Naomi 7

This was such an amazing climbing tree.



When you forget a knife, you think resourcefully.



We had lots of girly down time watching chick flicks…(snapchat favs)


Okay, I confess, this is ultimately why we made our way to Monroe.

Naomi 5 Hannah 6
Hannah & Naomi 1

This is the day which the LORD has made;

Let us rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24


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these are my thoughts today

unknown. fears. worries. concerns.

all being turned into hopes and dreams

dreams of the person i want to become

dreams of the person i hope to be

dreams of the person i ardently long to be

yes i long to be Christ’s faithful servant

He brings hope

thankfully or else my dreams and hopes would seem impossible

i want to be a runner

i want to be a reader

i want to read, read, and read some more

i want to read novels and be enraptured by everything a novel brings forth

i want to know people

i want to learn who people are

i want to travel (I believe this longing has something to do with the fact that our citizenship is in Heaven {Philippians 3})

i long for people to know that life is more than drugs, sex, alcohol, wealth, popularity, etc.

life is about serving

life is about living

life is about pursuing the interests God has given you and embracing your individuality

so if reading, outside breeze, flowers, people, photography, and simplicity (to name a few) exhilarates my heart

then i want to run fast and hard towards that exhilaration

i have no idea what tomorrow brings forth, or even how the rest of today will play out

i do know that GOD IS SOVERIGN

i do know that He longs for us to bask in the person He created us to be

so there are my thoughts

what are your thoughts

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