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C. S. Lewis Believed in Faiytales - Self Portrait

Busy day at work? Yeah, me too.

One lesson I have learned in my young adult years is the importance of self-care. God has given us one body while on this earth and we are called to serve Him to the best of our ability; which includes prioritizing self-care. One of my recent loves is establishing a nightly routine prior to falling asleep.

Here is a list of some of my favorite activities to do before bed.

  1. Read my Bible
  2. Diffuse essential oils
  3. Relaxing yoga postures
  4. Light a candle and journal my thoughts
  5. Drink herbal tea with almond/coconut milk
  6. Take a bath with epsom salt and essential oils
  7. Read Fiction (Currently: Kidnapped by Robert Louis Stevenson)
  8. Think of 10 things I was thankful for that day and praise God for them

When you have a chance, take the time to read the following article via  The Eco Blog ! It is an informative and inspiring post about the necessity of sleep and sleep-routine ideas!

Sweet dreams and have a lovely sleep! : ) 








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