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Our heavenly Father is always teaching His children. These three words sum up the current Jesus lessons in my life.


A gentle, generous, and grateful lived life are also the cries on my heart.

We live in a broken world. However, God is not broken.

And, as His children, we are no longer broken because of the lavishing love of His Son, Jesus Christ (1 John 3:1).

God is gentle with us, why are we not gentle with others?

God is generous. He is giving to us all day long. Are we receptive? Are we pouring out to others moments of our time and our earthly belongings?

God is gracious. Are we gracious? Grateful? If we are not giving thanks in worship, what are we giving in worship? Who/what are we worshiping?


“Whoever possesses true and perfect charity does not seek himself in anything, but desires God’s glory in all things. The truly charitable man envies no one since he seeks no personal joy nor does he find happiness in himself, but wishes to be made happy only in God. To no man does he attribute goodness but only to God, from whom all things proceed as from their source, and in whom the saints find their joy and final rest.”

The Imitation of Christ, Thomas Kempis (20)



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